New Beginnings

Here I am… trying to think of something profound to write for my first blog post. Instead I think I will just write a bit about what my intention is when I create a painting or a drawing.

I was born an artist. I know this because for as long as I can remember I have had the urge to create, or rather recreate the beautiful things that inspire me. Mainly horses and all the wonderful things that go along with them.

It is always my hope that the art that I make will cause the viewer to stop, if only for a moment, and get lost in what they are seeing. That moment represents the feeling I get when I am around my horses, or any animals for that matter. The present moment. The only moment that matters in all of time is the one you have right here in front of you.  If my art can bring you there for just a short time, we will have a shared experience that is beyond words.

Lofty goals for a young artist… but that is what I will chase.

FullSizeRender 93My most recent oil painting that is just about finished. “Murderer’s Creek Mare” 24″ by 30″ Oil on Canvas.