Day 13 – 2018 Player’s Choice EMM

I suppose I can’t complain.  Things are going okay, maybe not as fast as I’d like, but the Mustangs are improving with every session, and that’s all I can ask for.  There are moments in each session where it seems that we take several steps backwards, but we always seem to end on a good note.

I have saddled EZ several days in a row now.  Today is the first day that she walked off without her crow hops, so that is a good sign.  She is beginning to accept all these strange things I’m throwing at her.

I am going slow with Yogi, I haven’t spent as much time on him, mainly because I don’t want to stress his legs.  I noticed he doesn’t present quite as lame when I have him out in the grass, or soft sand, as opposed to the hard packed/uneven footing in the small corral.

I have had a few friends mention helping out with the cost of X-Rays, so if it gets to that point, maybe we will find out what his true problems are.  If nothing else, he makes a great model for my paintings!