Day 2 – Player’s Choice 2018

I don’t know if I can write a whole lot today, I am just about ready for bed!  It was a good day though.  My goal was to get halters on both Mustangs and I was able to do that.  I also decided on names.

I am going to call the black gelding “Peaceful Warrior” or Yogi for short. He has such a calm demeanor, but he is full of scars from his days in the wild. I thought that was a fitting name for him.

I am going to call my mare “EZ Does It” or EZ for short. She is not what I would consider an easy Mustang to gentle, however I know ease has more to do with my attitude than hers. I can make things easy for myself by allowing her to come around in her own time. It’s important for me to keep that in mind.

That’s about all I’ve got in me for the night… I didn’t get to a painting, but I will make up for it tomorrow!